Exposed to possibility of been attacked either physically or emotionally Susceptible of been wounded by weapons,open to attacks Willing to fall in love when exposed to care Defenseless open to hurt and assault,accessible and assailable Exposed to life like naked sole in a field full of thorns she is liable and on the line,on the… Continue reading Vulnerable

Ever noticed that when you embark on a journey it gets to a point where you can no longer sight where you started from? Growth is not just in age or stature,Growth is time and movement as long as you are not where you used to be you’ll certainly be where you want to be… Continue reading


Forget what the hell you have been through and focus on where the heaven is taking you to. Your life can not move forward when your mind keeps referring to the past. You can’t go far if you keep digging things from the past that you are not proud of, sometimes in life we find… Continue reading PITY PARTY